Increase your website traffic for free

Increase your website traffic for free

Are you looking for a way to increase your website traffic for free? Did you try to read lot of articles and watch lot of YouTube videos to find out a way. This is the best and legal way of making traffic for free. Blogs and forums are a gold mine for free traffic. Lets have a look, how to get the most out from this gold mine.

There are few steps you have to follow in order to increase your website traffic for free. Forums are simile to Facebook. But there is a difference small difference. In Facebook, When you post something, Only your friends can see it. But in forums, when ever you post something, all the forum users can see it. This is just the overview of what a forum is and how it works. There are lot of forums in the internet. People are sharing their topics and articles, photos, videos everyday on those forums. Now you are wondering how this is going to work.

First, You have to find some valuable stuff on the internet. It maybe an article, video, game, or a eBook. You can download lot of them from internet. Lets assume you have a health related website. Then you have to find forums related to your topic, health. So after that, you have to register. Read forum rules and get a better understanding about the forum. You can’t go inside and post about your website and promote it. If you do so, They will ban you for sure. First you have to comment others forum posts and complement them. Try to build up a conversation with them instead of saying “Thank you”. Ask questions, give some answers. Now, the question is how to get traffic to your website.

Increase your website traffic – Signature method

There is a feature call “signature” in forums. Signature is just same as the signature in an email. When ever you comment or post something, It will show under your comment or post. This is the part we are going to use to drive traffic to your website. You can port your website on your signature section. Don’t make it too big and bold. Don’t let others think, you are here to promote your website. Make it natural. When ever you post a good comment, people will come and read it. If you act natural and be honest to contribute to the forum post, They will see your website address visit your website. This is the first step you can do. Lets have a look at the other way to use forum to generate traffic.

Increase your website traffic – eBook method

Don’t post any posts during first two weeks. Try to get along with others. After first two weeks, You can post your first post. In this part, You need a good eBook. You don’t want to write an eBook. Visit someone else website and copy there article. Change their content and make it unique. At the beginning and also the end, Add your website address. Make it visible. Add watermarks. Now, your eBook is ready. Now, you have to make a post on the forum. Describe your topic and give them the eBook for free. Make sure you have added the word “Free” as much as you can. Don’t post the the download list of your eBook and just say download. Tell others about the content of your eBook. Do not promote it. Just give them it free and act like you do care about them. Giving them it will make you traffic for free.

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