Google play top free android apps – June 2019

Google play top free android apps – June 2019

Today, We are going to talk about the Top free android apps from google play of this month. These apps are free and easy to use. You can go to google play and download these apps free. If you would like to learn programming, Join with my programming tutorials from here. These are not cracked, You can download them from google play for 100% free. Let’s get started then.

Keep Screenshots Tidy – Firefox ScreenshotGo from google play

Top free android apps from google play - Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta - Find Screenshots Fast
Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta – Find Screenshots Fast

If you regularly take screenshots of the essentials you see on the web, the gallery of yours is so full that you may not be able to find them when needed. It is not possible to search for photos in the gallery. The Mozilla company came up with a free solution for that. The Firefox ScreenshotGo app is currently in Beta, but you can enjoy all of its basic features now.

One of the main features of the screen is that it can detect the text in the screenshot and make it possible to search through the text of the photos. To get a screenshot, you can do so by simply pressing the button on the screen or through the Notification panel. Screenshots can be sorted right away, so you can sort them into separate folders. You can also share it with your friends when needed. It costs 4.2 megabytes to download from google play.


Lens Distortion from google play , which allows you to add Lens effects to photos

Top free android apps from google play - lens distortion app
lens distortion app

You may have seen DSLR cameras using their direct lenses to illuminate their lenses. Now you can add lens flare to any of your photos using your mobile phone. Lens Distortion App has a wide range of effects. They can easily add more value and attractiveness to a photo.

It can add natural sunlight, rain, snow or fog to the photo and can better capture the light shining in the lens. There are about five filters available for free, which is good enough for a good photo to take a fresh look.

This is a basic app. Some devices may not have the opportunity to install because they require a modern phone with good RAM to run.


Go to the Internet Safely and Confidentially – Tor Browser

Tor Browser app
Tor Browser app

The Tor browser for the PC has been around for a long time, but the stable version was released to the Play Store on May 29. When the social network was blocked, we had a Tor browser for the computer, but we had to rely on Orbot for the phone.

The TOR network is like an onion. There are layers from the outside to the inside. This layer refers to Relays, or intermediate servers / computers. The specialty of a VPN is that instead of a single server, it reaches the site through multiple layers. Because each layer has its own attributes, the third party (advertising tracking, government or hackers’ influence), or even the relay itself, is not aware of the websites we visit. The protection is so great that it prevents all forms of advertising services from spying on us.

Soon after its release, the app has reached its download point and has a rating of 4.2 in google play. It has all the basic features of modern browsers including Tab support.


OnePlus phones icons available to you now – One UI icon pack

Top free android apps from google play - One UI icon pack
One UI icon pack

With the advent of the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro phones, the OnePlus UI has attracted everyone’s attention. With its simple yet modern icons, the smooth user experience will surely impress everyone. Its icons are almost identical to those of Samsung’s new icons, but in terms of color combinations look more elegant yet intense.

The One UI icon pack app helps you get icons on any phone, just like on the One Plus phones. Once this is installed, you can use this icon pack to a Launcher such as Nova Launcher and Evie Launcher which you are currently using. Not only phones, messages, but even Chrome, Facebook, Instagram icons can be changed. It costs 71 megabytes to download from google play.


MIUI-ify which brings the look of Mi phones

Top free android apps from google play - MIUI-ify

The UI of MI phones has many similar features to Apple’s. Vivo phones have adapted to iOS Control Center features like Brightness controller, Notifications, etc. However, if you love those features, the MIUI-ify app gives you the opportunity to get the same MIUI layout to your phone.

With a wide range of changes, including a notification panel with adjustable colors, a Status bar down the screen, Gestures control, background blur, apps icons, background photos and more, your phone can look and feel fresh. Status Bar has more than 40 Quick Settings available, including Wifi, Mobile Data, Location, and even a web site address wherever needed, so you can easily store all the essentials.

The download costs only 4.2 megabytes from google play, and if you have root, you can add more.


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